Is There Life Before Life?
Read news clips about children who in their very young years still remember being in Heaven before they were born! A preexistence of fun, happiness and joy! How Spirits prepare for this life! When we enter our bodies. Weaknesses, pre-mortal intelligence and glory! How about abortion!

Natural, Spiritual, Celestial & Resurrection Bodies
What body do we have when we die, and what kinds of bodies are there in Heaven? What are resurrection bodies?

The Shroud of Turin Proof of Resurrection?
An amazing account of scientific research on a grave cloth from Palestine, dated around 30 AD, that bears all the marks of a crucified man. Not just that, but the man had a wound of a spear in his side, and blood from thorns in his head, and wounds in his wrists and feet! 100 years ago when someone made a picture of the cloth, he looked at the negative and discovered a positive picture IN THE CLOTH! But the most amazing thing, scientist have discovered that it is a three dimensional picture! Today we do not have the technology to make a cloth with a 3D picture in it like the Shroud of Turin! Proof of the resurrection?

Jesus' Resurrection
Read the dramatized account from the novel "The Game" by Dan Free, about what actually happened at the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, from the vantage point of the spirit world! As if you're personally there as a spirit! A foretaste of what could happen to you, when you will be resurrected at the soon Return of Jesus!

Famous Last Words
Read statements made by famous and infamous people as they were dying. Some were happy to go, but others were sad!

Grave News Clips and Fun
Interesting News Articles about interesting graves, rarities and jokes.

Is the Moon Hollow?
Russian and American Studies show that the Moon is hollow and made of high grade iron!

Sounds of Hell?
Did a Russian scientist discover Hell under the Earth? 

Invitation to Bliss!
Come with us to a better Realm!

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