A rapid evolution's view


What is evolution?

What is biology?

In this little animation some virtual vertebrate sequence of life happens
to evolve in less than 22 seconds. If you think that this is too fast for real
life, you're probably right in many ways. Some of us however, even
without being true followers of Haeckel, seem not to be that astonished at
all. It is said than that a wide variety of forms of life can transform even
quicker. Others say that the development of life as we know it, is but a
flash in cosmic dimensions. Possible; and time in life may be even more
relative than we already assume in physics. That is moreover interesting,
if that notion would lead also to what we really have to understand by the
theory of evolution or perhaps even what -biologically- life is, wouldn't it ?
Animation: recreation free from Daniel Lee's "Origin", New York - 1999.


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