Barnabas Samaduda

35 y/o, four children, originates from the Bintuni Bay area of Irian Jaya.

Barnabas is mostly interested in animal husbandry and is one of the most hard-working, creative and productive staff at BFRCC!

He found here what he had been after for years: a chance to learn more skills in animal production and to develop his excellent basics in carpentry and mechanics! Without him, our rats and mice wouldn't breed, our quails wouldn't feed, and our pigeons wouldn't nest properly!

Besides, Barnabas who is also a keen hunter, has recently proved to become a very gifted falconer!

Yeni Rumanasen

was born in Yendidori, Biak, 18 years ago.

First started at BFRCC's kitchen but rapidly upgraded to the animal nutrition section!

Rodent and poultry food has no more secret for her, and she is now paying an increased attention to the delicate blend that make up a proper Raptor diet!

On this picture with an adult male Black Eagle.

Deny Dhont

born in Nabire from a Belgian father who still runs the RRI Paniai section and from an Ekari mother.

Deny discovered Biology during several field trips with Dr Hoyois; now he can hardly conceive life without animals. He is mostly fascinated by Invertebrates and Birds of Preys. Deny's interest mostly covers biogeography, sustainable use and species conservation.

With Kris Grootaert at BFRCC, he is developing into a keen Falconer.