Ø      The benefit of this action for species conservation is obvious.

Ø      The Javan Hawk-Eagle is the Indonesian national emblem. Saving this species will boost sponsor’s position on both the Indonesian and international markets! Highly rewarding advertising can be issued in

q       major European and Indonesian daily press

q       major Indonesian and Western TV channels (the BFRCC produces high quality footage for television)

q       all BFRCC publications

q       BFRCC Falconry Holidays promotion leaflets

q       the Biak District Tourism Promotion Website (http://www.biak.net)

q       and any other media at the sponsor’s request.

Ø      A Belgian support in rapidly developing Irian Jaya will open important market and employment opportunities in the fields of health, agriculture & tourism.

Ø      Progress and final scientific reports are mostly published

q       in the “Falconry and Raptors Conservation Magazine”

q       at the 4th Eurasian Conference on Raptors (Seville – SPAIN) September 2001

q       on the BFRCC Website (http://www.biak.net/inti/falcon)



The BFRCC is reaching a triple goal:
  • education through information campaign and sound research
  • regional development through nature tourism and creation of new employment
  • conservation through its modern breeding program

A bright example of upright utilization of non-endangered, common Raptors being turned into a sound resource to develop a captive bred stock of other species now so dramatically threatened in the wild by human ignorance, habitat destruction and avian diseases!