Personal data



Name Grootaert Kris
Address Keistraat 79  9840 De Pinte
Phone/Fax 09/2827697
Birth Date 02/02/78 - Gent
Nationality Belgian
Family Status unmarried
Driver licence A, B




Primary School, Gemeentelijke Lagere school,

9830 Sint Martens Latem


Higher Technical Secundary School,

Koninklijk Technisch Atheneum, Voskenslaan, 9000 Gent diploma A2 Chemistry - Food (biochemistry)

Thesis: Rodenticids in our environment


Highschool Gent, Department Technology BME-CTL, Voskenslaan: 1st year graduate Chemistry






        motherlanguage Dutch

        read, speak and write English, French

        read, speak Indonesian, Spannish



Computer knowledge††††††


        main use internet

        Word, Windows, Excel



Character & attitude


        like to learn new things






Work experience


        student-job: assistedin a carpentry workshop (1995)


        labwork (4h biochemistry, 4h organical, 4hanalytical, 2h microbiology) / week -2 years during studies HTS


        14h labwork (organical and anorganical chemistry, physics, microbiology) / week -1 year during highschool




        field-support on checklist and behavior of mid-mountain raptors in
Indonesia withPUSSPENSAT (08/06/99-22/02/00)


        worked for the gouvernment of Indonesia in eco-tourism††††††††††

††††††††† (22/02/00-15/11/00):††

A)    help designing a web-site Biak net

B)    started a falconry centre/ bird-park

†††† (half private-half gouvernment owned)


        2/01/00 - 5/01/00: interim production-assistant (Conforma - Destelbergen)



Other interests


        traveling: Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Papoea New Guinea,†† Singapore, Maleisia, Indonesia (Java, Bali, SulawesiŽ, Irian Jaya)††


        sport fishing


        falconry, breeding of raptors


        selfstudy of veterinarian aspects of raptor diseases, nutritional requirements, artificial Insemination, incubation, Ö