Picture 4: (out of 4) The BFRCC has caught the attention of the Government of Irian Jaya and receives its active support for the role taken within the province tourism development policy!
Above, assessing birds training at BFRCC: HE the Governor and Vice Governor of the Irian Jaya Province, the Secretary of the Irian Jaya Development Plan Board, the Head of Biak-Numfor District, the Head of Biak-Numfor Forestry Services, the Head of Biak-Numfor Development Plan Board, and the Air Force Commander of the Biak Base.



The BFRCC is reaching a triple goal:
  • education through information campaign and sound research
  • regional development through nature tourism and creation of new employment
  • conservation through its modern breeding program

A bright example of upright utilization of non-endangered, common Raptors being turned into a sound resource to develop a captive bred stock of other species now so dramatically threatened in the wild by human ignorance, habitat destruction and avian diseases!