Project implementation

1. Human resources

Position Name Task description
A. On project site    
Government counterpart, project supervisor I John Diaz Relation with Indonesian authorities
Expert animal husbandry, project supervisor II Philippe Hoyois Animal husbandry, veterinary aspects, premises, administration
Expert falconer, project supervisor III Kris Grootaert Falconry and raptors breeding aspects
Field foreman Barnabas Samaduda Birds maintenance, field survey
Field co-ordinator Wahyuniati Hoyois Logistic, food production
Falconer apprentice Deni Papilaya Falconry and tourism aspects
Field staff (5 persons, hired) General maintenance
B. Other expertise    
Field ornithologist vacant Nesting behaviour studies
Systematician vacant Phylogenetics
Experienced Raptors breeder vacant Insemination / Incubation

The project is fully supported by the Forestry and Nature Conservation Services of the Irian Jaya Province, by the Government of Irian Jaya and Biak District, and by the Irian Jaya Development Planning Board. A technical co-operation is on-going with a conservation NGO to match habitat conservation and educational efforts.

2. Material resources  

Item Available Required
1. Premises 80% 20%
2. Aviaries 70% 30%
3. Medical equipment 30% 70%
4. Breeding equipment 10% 90%
5. Birds 40% 60%
6. Salaries 33% 66%
7. Transportation and travel - 100%

3. Calendar

Task Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Premises up-grade X      
Birds rescue XX X X  
Foreign scientific back-up X X X X
Rearing and breeding   X X X
First generation       X


The BFRCC is reaching a triple goal:
  • education through information campaign and sound research
  • regional development through nature tourism and creation of new employment
  • conservation through its modern breeding program

A bright example of upright utilization of non-endangered, common Raptors being turned into a sound resource to develop a captive bred stock of other species now so dramatically threatened in the wild by human ignorance, habitat destruction and avian diseases!