Stephan Parmentier and Pieter Verschueren are Plastyc Buddha, the latest proponent of Antwerp's incredibly fertile and versatile underground music scene. Parmentier and Verschueren, both seasoned performers and in-demand session musicians, have created an album that no doubt will come to be regarded as one of the outstanding releases of the year. The 11 track, 54 minutes album "Throwing Stones In Placid Pools" is a 'must have' record that keeps on growing with each listening session. Based around the gently mesmerising chimes of the Fender Rhodes electric piano and peppered with latin beats, this is the sound of seduction - it's irresistable.
>> EMBARGO! - TECHNOLOGY (CD) (release: 9/04/2001)
After the four successful single releases (Embargo!, Hysterie, Blackout and Scream), there's now the full album Technology of EMBARGO! with many, many more banging techno-trance tracks. EMBARGO! are three friends, Philippe,
David and Michel. Philippe and David shared the same passion for the same style of music and they decided to open a record store in Strassbourg specialised in club music mainly on import. In the back of the shop they built a studio in which they produce their own music on their label Clubtraxx Records. After they produced two hits, the idea appeared to create an own album. They managed to do this after 1,5 year. The album contains next to their hits also the new single Scream and some unreleased tracks such as Fantasy drive.
>> LAGOA 8 (CD) (release: 9/04/2001)
Belgian Lagoa club and record company N.E.W.S. are releasing their 8th compilation yet. Resident dj's H.S. and Frank Biazzi selected the tracks representing the club's atmosphere. Dj H.S. has produced the opening track 'Come on' together with X-filter. Furthermore Lagoa continuous with some
really banging techno tunes from producing stars such as Frankie Bones, Jark Prongo, Bjørn Svin and Psykofu*k. But, on this compilation you will also find two really big club hits: Zero-gi with 'Helium breath' and dj Manu with 'The shaker'.
>> RIVE ESKIMO - NATURAL MUSIC VAPORISOR (CD / triple vinyl) (release: 2/04/2001)
Word from Belgium's most famous underwear factory is that Eskimo 2 'Rive Eskimo' is even better. Pants we cried but lo and behold it really does deliver like a pair of 'lucky' briefs. Rive Eskimo presents a seamless mix compilation of dance, funk and pop gems providing a bold and fresh selection for today's modern dancefloor emporiums and boutiques. 'Lambchop with Zero 7', and the eighties euro smash by Laidback 'Bakerman'. Last time round they mixed Hall and Oates 'I Cant Go For That' into Herald the arrival of spring
with classic moments of joy such as Danny Krivits re-edit of MFSB's 'Love is the Message', James Brown's 'Payback', De La Souls 'Say No Go' this time another sampled record and its source are united in the mix; EPMD's 'Its Time to Party' is blended into MFSB 'Love is the Message'. The sampladelic
revival continues.
>> CLUB SYSTEM 19 (CD) (release: 19/03/2001)
The 19th volume of Club System with a nice zebra-look presents you as usual the best club traxx of the moment, all mixed by dj Sven Lanvin. This compilation includes all the current club hits on one mixed cd. Stay tuned and enjoy dj One-finger's crazy party tune Housefucker, Madrid Inc's follow up to 'My Sunday's Love' Remember the past, Planet Funk's romantic type trancegroovepounder Chase the sun and today's hard stomping trance track The truth by BBC Traxx in a dj Gert remix. Continue with Cherrymoon's progressive dancefloorkiller Needle destruction, Vibration Inc II's Massive future bomb and Sonorous' fluffy flowing trancer Glass garden released on new trance label Yris.
>> PHUTURE 303 - SURVIVAL'S OUR MISSION (CD) (release: 19/03/2001)
The pioneering spirit of the first hour back at the Music Box still lives on with each new track that Phuture creates. Now with some of their best material to date Phuture release their new album on Belgium's infamous Music Man label. The album features a return of DJ Pierre to the group for a new version of Lil Louis legendary 'Blackout' with Spanky doing the vocals again from scratch. The new album, 'Survival's Our Mission', staying true to the original spirit and sound of this pioneering outfit. There is much debate and speculation about who created Acid music. The general consensus of opinion swings towards Phuture after their release of the classic hit 'Acid Tracks'. Phuture had unwittingly created the blueprint for the children of the revolution, and turned the dance music world on its head. Survival's Our Mission features some of Phuture's most prolific production work to date besides 'Blackout' weighing in at a full length, vinyl only mix of 13 minutes (edited CD version) are club jems such as 'Flatline' and 'Riden' as well as the low-pitched 'Vintage Drums' and instantly recognisable vocals of Spanky for the album titled 'Survival's Our Mission'. The minimal tribal rhyhms of 'Pro-Traxx Rhythm' 'Metal Percussions', and 'Tribal Tek' all add to the unique styles of Phuture's creativity, while '2001' and 'Northern Lights' show their deeper shades utilising exuberant strings over solid percussion, but never loosing sight of the dancefloor.
PHuture will survive!

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