Heckler & Koch SR9


Caliber: 7.62mm NATO (.308 Win)
Magazine: 5-rd steel staggered box
Barrel: 19.7" (500mm) Polygonal
Twist: RH 1 in 11" (280mm)
Weight (with scope): 10.9 lbs. (4.95 kg)
Overall Length: 43.5" (1105mm)
Stock: Synthetic
Sights: Rotary aperture rear sight, adjustable for windage and elevation
	hooded front sight.

Features (ALL): Sight adjustment tool, detachable scope mount, 1200 meter rear sight,
		adjustable contoured handgrip, carrying handle, ejection port buffer,
		leather sling, cleaning kit, and 20-rd detachable magazine.

SR9(T): PSG1 fully adjustable trigger mechanism, PSG1 adjustable contoured handgrip,
	and MSG90 adjustable stock.

SR9(TC): PSG1 fully adjustable trigger mechanism, PSG1 adjustable contoured handgrip,
	and PSG1 adjustable stock.

The SR9 is essentially a redesigned HK91, to make it more of a sporter rifle. While all HK's display good accuracy, the standard SR9 does not meet the everyday accuracy standards of sniping. But the (T) and (TC) versions of the SR9 can make nice sniper/marksman's rifles.

The (T) is the target version of the SR9 and uses the PSG-1 trigger group with the MSG-90 adjustable stock. The rifle is tuned for better accuracy and will shoot down around 1 MOA with some good ammo and a good shooter. If a semi-auto is required for your team, and your running a pretty tight budget, the SR9(T) might deserve a hard look. HK has always made a high quality weapon.

The (TC) version of the SR9 even takes the accuracy of the (T) model one step further. You get the fully adjustable PSG-1 buttstock. This is suppose to be the competition version, and should be fairly accurate, maybe even sub MOA. But I have yet to shoot one, but hope to get my hands on one soon. Maybe I can get a loner to do a nice complete review on.... we'll see.

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