Stained glass in the Abbey of Averbode

               We discuss the windows only from the geometrical decorative point of view.
            We distinguish six patterns:

Pattern A.          There are two patterns because there are two different ways by which the motif is presented.
                             In the church: the front and the nave. The cloister.

Pattern B.          In the church above the choir-stalls. The staircase near the retreat-house.
                             The house of the prelate.

Pattern C.          The small sacristy. The side-naves of the church.

Pattern D.          The nave of the church.

Pattern E.          One window in the front of the house of joinery.

Pattern F.          The front of the church of Bois-Seigneur-Isaac near Nivelles.

Pattern C - D - E - F.

                                    Remark.      Images become visible after download.
                                                   Some are quite large, so it can take some time.

                  Publication :
                  Fr. Gilbert Fleurent, Meetkundige motieven in de glasramen van de abdij. In:
                  Pikkelpoort, 40ste jaargang nr 4, Nov. 1988, 32-49.

                  Note :
                  The computer graphics are generated by Qbasic, for a first time in 1995
                  and regenerated during the Fall 2001.

                  Copyright :
                  2002, G.M. Fleurent / Averbode & Langdorp