As this is the best hit in Google in a multiple searches exp. ”hp 2215 setup” I decided to write something more presentable. What can I say not much and my English doesn’t help me much. Shortly I’m working for an IT company in Belgium but I’m Bulgarian. My name is Ivan. I belief that you will find some useful information in my tutorials or at less some guide lines for common problems but if you don’t I hope at lest that reading them will be great fun. The idea was to save you time and help you better understanding the new HP 22xx PDA. Feel free to share my work with you friend, users or customers and if you have some free time drop me e-mail at ivan.d@swing.be.

Thanks for reading.


1. "HP 2215 Internet Setup via Bluetooth adapter from Conceptronic with NAT"

2. "HP 2215 Internet setup via Bluetooth adapter from Sitecom and ezProxy"

3. "HP 2215 Internet Setup NAT/ICS the Computer configuration"

4. "Terminal Services Client on my PDA model hp 2215"

e-mail Ivan.D@swing.be
18/05/2004 Liege