The EANN, the European Association of Neuroscience Nurses, is an European association of nurses working and/or interested in Neuroscience nursing...
The purpose of the EANN, how we work and what we do is written in the constitution.
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EANN Constitution
February 1988 Draft Amendment January 1999

1. Title

The European Association of Neuroscience Nurses (hereinafter called EANN).

2. Definition of Europe

The EANN defines ' European ' as any European Member State of the World Health Organisation.

3. Objectives

3.1 Provide a European corporate identity for members engaged in or qualified in neuroscience nursing.

3.2 Provide opportunities for members engaged in or qualified in neuroscience nursing to meet together for the purpose of discussing matters of common interest related to their area of professional practice.

3.3 Assist members engaged in or qualified in neuroscience nursing to increase their knowledge and to enhance their contribution to patient care and the nursing profession.

3.4 Promote increased awareness within the profession of the expert contribution of members engaged in or qualified in neuroscience care to the total nursing service at an international level.

4. Membership

4.1 A National Association of Neuroscience Nursing (recognised under section 2 ) may have membership of the EANN and in so doing, accords full membership of the EANN to its members.

4.2 Any nurse (as defined by the International Council of Nurses) working within the neurosurgical or neurological speciality in a country recognised under section 2 may be an individual member of the EANN.

4.3 Where there is more than one National Neurosurgical or Neurological Nursing Association in any country, all may have full membership of the EANN ( See section 11 Voting ).

4.4 The EANN encourages other National Specialist Groups in the Neurosciences Field to seek affiliation with their National Neuroscience Nursing Association/s and thereby establish links with the EANN.

5. Language

The official language of the Association shall be English.

6. EANN board of directors structure and function

6.1 The EANN Board of Directors shall comprise an elected representative of each member country's National Association/s. The Executive Committee will be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and will not represent any one country.

6.2 The EANN Board of Directors will meet annually and the President has the right to call an extra ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee at any time.

6.3 Any legal matter or proposed change in the Constitution must be put to the membership via the national representatives. The Executive Committee may amend guidelines without consultation, provided the Board of Directors are informed of changes.

6.4 Each elected representative has the right to send a deputy if they cannot attend meetings in person.

7. Executive Officers

7.1 There shall be four executive officers: the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, selected by the EANN Board of Directors from a list of nominations put forward by national associations or individual members.

7.2 Following the election of the executive officers at the inaugural meeting, there will be a re-election of Vice President and Secretary after two years and thereafter, every two years a further re-election of posts in rotation with President and Treasurer.

7.3 Each term of office will be four years.

7.4 Executive Officers may re-stand for current office or may stand for other Executive Posts.

7.5 No person can hold office in an executive post for more than 12 years.

8. Meetings

8.1 A Board Meeting shall be held annually. ( Usually May )

8.2 A Congress Meeting shall be held every four years. ( Usually May )

8.3 In the year of Congress, one full Board Meeting will be held 3 - 4 months before Congress and a further shortened meeting held immediately before Congress.

8.4 Individual Members have the right to attend Board Meetings.

8.5 Guests may be invited by the Executive Committee or by Board Members in order to contribute to agreed agenda items but may not attend a full meeting.

8.6 National Associations may invite observers to attend Board Meetings.

9. Elections

9.1 The Vice President shall co-ordinate and supervise elections.

9.2 To stand for executive office, the candidate must either be a member of and have the recommendation of their National Association or be an individual member recommended by one of the Board of Directors.

9.3 Candidates shall submit the following papers prior to the date set by the Board of Directors:

  • Nomination Form - including candidate's consent to stand plus signature of Board Member or President of National Association.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Manifesto ( Supporting statement ).

9.4 The Vice President shall circulate a list of nominations complete with copies of papers (above), to reach members of the Board of Directors at least one month before the Board meeting.

9.5 When necessary the Vice President will organise and supervise a postal vote.

10. Quorum

The quorum of the EANN Board of Directors shall be one half of the total member associations and the Executive Committee.

11. Voting rights and procedure

11.1 Each member country shall have one vote at elections and one vote on issues connected with the business of the EANN. Where there is more than one Association from any one country, they must agree on their country's voting arrangements.

11.2 The Executive Officers shall have no vote other than a combined casting vote on issues connected with the EANN. Where the Executive Officers are unable to reach a consensus, the President has the casting vote.

11.3 All individual members have the right to vote at elections and on issues connected with the EANN.

11.4 Voting at elections shall be by secret ballot.

11.5 Voting on issues connected with the business of the EANN shall be by a show of hands and/or by postal vote.

11.6 Where there is no response to a postal vote from a National Association or individual member this shall count as an abstention and the majority vote shall hold.

12. Funds of the association

12.1 The funds shall be constituted by the subscription received from member associations and individual members. The association shall also accept bona fida grants of funds obtained from different sources, e.g.hospitals, grants from industry.

12.2 The amount of the subscription of member associations and individual members shall be decided by the Board of Directors.

12.3 The essential expenses of the Executive Committee, when carrying out their duties appropriate to that office, shall be met by the EANN.

12.4 The accounts of the EANN shall be audited once a year.

13. Amendments to the constitution

13.1 All proposed amendments to the Constitution must be submitted to the EANN Board of Directors in writing at least one month before the annual board meeting.

13.2 Any proposed amendments must be affirmed by a two-thirds majority vote of the EANN Board of Directors. This will include all those present at the meeting plus any written votes registered before the meeting.

14. Dissolution

The dissolution of the EANN may be considered if two-thirds of the member countries so desire. All members must be notified of the proposal at least six months before the Board of Directors meeting.

15. Application of assets

If, upon the dissolution of the EANN there shall remain, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any assets, the Board of Directors shall determine to what other institutions they shall be given or transferred.