As treasurer of the EANN, I welcome You and/or Your national association of neuro-science nurses, to become a member of the EANN.
To be able to work, we need a small contribution once a year: the subscription fee.

The annual subscription payments should be made between January and March of each year.
The subscription fee for the national associations is 2 EURO per member each year.
The subscription fee for individual members is 10 EURO each year.


How to pay


Payments should be made to:

Hoofdpostkantoor Roeselare 1
Brugsesteenweg 8800, Roeselare
Belgium Account Name: Winny Depaepe
EANN Account number: 000-1694753-66

Please send a letter to me confirming the payment of your association, so there will be no confusion about who has paid into the account.

My address is:

Winny Depaepe
Weidestraat 111
8800 Roeselare, Belgium
Tel. (Home): +32 51 211271
Telefax (work): +32 51 233925




When you make the payment at a postoffice, the Eann does not lose any money due to the international money transfer.Please do it!

In some countries you cannot pay by postoffice.
You can send an international cheque in EURO to me .

Thank you for your assistance.
Yours sincerely,

Winny Depaepe.