Scuba review session:


Are you a certified diver, but haven't been in the water lately? Are you looking to refresh, to improve or to keep your dive skills and knowledge? If yes, then PADI Scuba Review is for you. First, you'll review the safety information, signs of underwater communication and basic knowledge you learned during your initial training. The PADI Scuba Tune-up workbook is very useful to study theory at home and to prepare you for practice. We will discuss theory also in a preparatory meeting and only afterwards you head to confined water to practise the fundamental scuba skills such as fin pivoting, hovering, mask removal and recover regulator. These skills are essential in order to feel comfortable and to have fun underwater. There's also an optional supervised open water dive for which more preparation is needed. You will get the official PADI review decal once you have completed the full PADI review course. We can arrange also a light version of this programme.

Course duration: A few hours to a full day

Course cost 40-130



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