Private training and personal wishes H O M E

There are many reasons to choose personal training:

       More intensive activity

       Special individual wishes are taken into account

       Maximum supervision, assistance and safety

       Personal to your needs

       More enriching for student and instructor

        More efficient for student and instructor

Unlike most business orientated dive schools private training allows us to give students and intensive experience and real confidence. In the end, both, student and instructor can better integrate their interests and needs and both profit from private training. Get in touch with us, tell us your ideas and we will agree on the modalities. We are open-minded, flexible and like varying training.



During all our activities and events there is close supervision of a professional instructor, trainer or divemaster. We believe that health, safety and welfare of divers is paramount and should never be compromised regardless of the individual differences. So we take precautions to ensure this when divers participate in activities with us. Our courses are generally taught in small groups. Maximum student-to-instructor ratios are set by international diving associations. For many training situations in courses the maximum number of student per instructor is 8 but we will carefully consider reducing these ratios depending on the situation or conditions. In our courses the number of students is often lower than 4.


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