Swimming pool training:


There is regular swimming pool sessions to train the basics in Brussels on Fridays at 20h00.

Meeting place options:

1) At the pool: Centre Omnisport de Neder-Over-Hembeek, Rue de Lombartzyde 120, 1120 Bruxelles (10 min to walk from tram station ’Heembeek’)

2) Tram station ’Heembeek’ close to the pool (14 min away from ’Rogier’ with tram 4 in direction ’Esplanade’)

3) Tram/bus station ’Place General Meiser’, Restaurant L’Avenue Cordesa Cuisine Non Stop (opposite of the pharmacy)

4) Metro station Montgomery (White Night Drugstore)

Please check your public transport connections on www.stib.be.

Among the most important basics are recover regulator, clearing the flooded mask, octopus breathing, fin pivoting, controlled emergency swimming ascent etc. Look at our training photos! The pool is warm, clear and perfect for relaxed training. All the equipment you need is already there but we advice you to bring your own mask, snorkel and fins if possible. Don’t forget to bring your swimming clothes, cap, towel etc. We will have an extensive briefing before entering the water in order to discuss the skills, to agree communication signals, etc. If you follow a course you should prepare yourself through studying the skills to be performed in your PADI manual. This makes the training easier for you and for your instructor. After pool practice, we usually discuss and review what happened underwater. Once you have trained enough in the pool things go quicker and safer in open water. We hesitate to dive in open water with you if you don’t have enough confidence or you have not yet felt comfortable in the pool.



Download the forms needed:


1) Statement of understanding of safe diving

2a) Medical statement and questionnaire (to be signed by the diver)

2b) Medical certificate and guidelines (to be signed by a physician)

                      [2b is only required when 2a is not sufficient]





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