Guided dives for certified divers:

Have you already followed one or more courses and feel comfortable underwater, but have not yet discovered our local Belgian or Dutch locations? Would you like to be guided and to enjoy supervision and assistance by professional divers? Recently qualified divers often feel more relaxed, safe and comfortable diving with someone more experienced. Maybe you simply don't want to worry about the organisation of the dives, you look for some fun or social atmosphere or you want to do something thrilling or uplifting over the weekend? Following a guide you have more time to yourself and you enjoy doing something for your health.

We organise frequent weekend trips to our favourite Belgian or Dutch dive sites and you are welcome to join! Normally, we leave Brussels on Saturdays or Sundays at 9h00 but sometimes we arrange something during the week if requested. Day trips with 2-3 open water dives take 6-9 hours depending on the distance and the programme. We share petrol costs that can be around:

12/car to Ekeren

2 x 59 km / 40 min

22/car to Tholen

2x 100 km / 67 min

24/car to Plate Taille

2x 101 km / 81 min

32/car to Scharendijke

2x 146 km / 103 min

If you have only mask, snorkel and fins but no other scuba equipment we can provide this (hire charge).

Please let us know your individual and preferences and we will arrange something to suit you. We are open-minded, flexible and always ready to dive. Please also read our site on the preparation of dives. You can also find some indication on the water temperatures to be expected.


Special adventures underwater:

There is a full range of exiting specialty courses that allow you to explore the underwater world under different aspects or subjects. You can enjoy weightlessness during drift dives, specific sounds and light of deep water, fascination of old wrecks, incredible variety of aquatic species in Zeeland as a consequence of the Gulf stream bringing nutrients to the coast, fat lobsters in reef balls, animals in the spot of your torch at night, .we can arrange the perfect adventure for you (Concerning times, duration etc read above under guided dives.)



PADI courses