DIVEMASTER course                                                                                    H O M E

For scuba enthusiasts who want to go the professional way


Develop your leadership abilities by expanding your knowledge, judgement and skills to a higher, professional level – the most extensive course is offered by some dive centres as a 3-weeks course. It requires that you work long, hard hours every day. With us it takes longer because we arrange theory lessons on evenings during the week and practical training on weekends.

The Divemaster's role is to assist instructors with training student divers, to supervise diving activities etc. The Instructor’s task is to bring students on higher levels but the Divemaster's work should increase safety and create a fun atmosphere for divers during training and diving. For most recreational divers, fun and pleasure are the essential elements of enjoyable diving.

Higher level learning begins at the Rescue course, but the Divemaster course expands the problem solving skills from accident management and prevention scenarios to supervisory situations with student divers and certified divers. We will look at many different problem solutions under specific circumstances in order to choose the best of several possible solutions.

In addition to safety-related issues the divemaster’s work may include customer service, business and operational challenges. We address attitudes and judgement: Attitudes and emotional influences shape individual behaviour, personal health, safe diving practices etc. Judgement applies experience, intuition and knowledge in order to take the right decisions under the given circumstances.

We will have extensive academic sessions and we will train underwater until you master all basic scuba skills, the rescue skills and the stamina exercises. There are many things to discuss in order to find the best options for you and us.

Prerequisites: Rescue diver, aged 18+, first aid and CPR course within the past 2 years, medical clearance, >20 logged dives

Course cost €695


Course structure:

1.        Independent study and 6-10 academic lessons to cover 12 topics (supervision, physics, physiology, decompression theory, PADI standards and instructor guide, business of diving, …) ending with the final exam.

2.        Skill demonstration development: 4-8 pool training sessions ending with performance evaluation of 20 basic scuba skills (The candidate must complete each skill to level 3 or higher).

3.        Practical training in deep, navigation and night diving.

4.        Training in professionalism: Internship and practical training with students at beginner and advanced level. This includes assisting and teaching exercises.

5.        Additional challenging exercises to train problem-solving ability.

6.        Waterskills and stamina exercises.



"Master Scuba Diver" = end of the recreational career

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