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for newcomer


PADI Discover Scuba Diving – Don’t have much time but want to get a first impression, an introduction or to do something new? No previous experience is required! The events are highly supervised, relaxed and safe. You will have time to yourself and discover the wonders of the underwater world using scuba equipment. You will learn basic safety concepts, put on equipment and swim around underwater in a closely supervised environment. It is something thrilling and uplifting that brings you away from your daily routing. The session can go over 1 hour or longer depending on your performance and preferences. Usually, this is a pool event in Brussels (Fridays, 20h00) but there is also an optional weekend open water dive to a maximum of 12 meters under the supervision of the instructor. A short theory session takes place before descending underwater.

Essential theory elements before diving will be:

       Proper breathing

       Equalisation of air spaces

       Buoyancy and weightlessness

       Communication signals underwater

       Behaviour and moving underwater

       Possible skills/exercises to build confidence

Depending on your performance the session can be recognised as the first step of the Open Water Diver Course / Scuba Diver Course.

Event cost €30 (pool only); €100 (including open water dive)



Kids aged 8 – 9 years

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