foto     Jean-François Dhem (Curriculum Vitae )

     I'm Civil Electrical Engineer with a PhD in Applied Sciences (cryptography).

     M.S. Thesis in 1992-1993: “Conception of a simple, efficient and secure digital chip for electronics tokens and coins ”. This Thesis was done at the Microelectronics Laboratory. Prof. J.-J. Quisquater was my Promoter. The work has continued to the realization of a prototype of a Smart Card chip implementing the Guillou-Quisquater zero-knowledge authentication scheme as well as T=0 protocol: SCALPS .

     I worked from January 1994 to December 1997 in the UCL Crypto Group (50°40'04.6"N, 4°37'28.3"E) for the European ESPRIT CASCADE EP 8670 project as developer of the cryptographic library for the smart card conceived in the project. This library may be used on other embedded systems using the ARM7M or higher 32-bit RISC processor.

     I received a PhD degree in Applied Sciences in May 1998 from the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL). The subject was: “Design of an efficient public-key cryptographic library for RISC-based smart cards ”. My personal bibliographical database used for my PhD can be found here .

     I worked from February 1998 to May 2000 for Belgacom (50°51'34.3"N, 4°21'30.6"E), the Belgian first telecom operator. I was responsible for the technical realization and deployment of the Belgacom E-Trust certification authority (PKI) issuing X509 digital certificates used for digital signature, e-commerce (e.g. SSL, secure email using S/MIME,...)

     I worked from June 2000 to March 2006 for Gemplus , world leader smart cards manufacturer. I worked in the corporate R&D in the Security Technologies Department (STD) as senior security engineer / scientist. My work was focussed on efficient hardware & software implementations of cryptographic algorithms for smart cards. I was first based at Gémenos (43°16'52.9"N, 5°36'52.0"E) and then at La Ciotat (43°12'21.4"N, 5°35'44.4"E), in the Provence, along the Mediterranean Sea, in the South of France. I lived in Aix-en-Provence (43°31'17"N, 5°27'52.3"E).

    From January 2002 to November 2003, I was responsible for the Cryptographic Hardware Activities (CHA) in the Card Security Group (CSG), part of the STD.

    From December 2003 to March 2006, I was the head of the Cryptography & Security Engineering (CSE) Group, part of the STD. In this team, all the secure & cryptographic libraries embedded in smart cards were developped for Gemplus worldwide.

    I work from March 2006 for Worldline / equensWorldline (formerly known as Banksys acquired mid 2007 by Atos Worldline) in Brussels, Belgium as Senior Security Consultant.

      My personal interests include computer programming (Mac & PC), realizing small electronic projects (including using Raspberry, Arduino, electronic sensors), jogging, trekking.

     The list of my publications is available on my CV page .


Last update: October 2017