Denham is the name of a little village north from London. It is however from an obscure character called Denham Fouts that this Belgian four-piece from Ghent have derived their name.

Their story began when singer-songwriter Tristan and guitarist Alexander met in the summer of 1996. It was initially a mutual admiration of The Smiths that brought together these two ambitious musicians.
They formed a group in early 1997 - the first incarnation of denham. The line-up stayed the same for two years, in retrospect a useful learning process... The group recorded two demos, won two major rock contests and played live a lot. But it wasn't perfect.
The group was dismantled July 1999 and Tristan and Alexander began their search for a new rythm section.
In Stijn (bass) and Thomas (drums) they found the right musicians. By then the new millenium had already begun.
In May 2000 the new group recorded three songs with ex-Ze Noiz (Belgian rock history...) guitarist Frank Zaman. They spent the rest of that year playing live as often as possible and refining their songs.
They were joined by Koen on keyboards in summer, but returned to being a four-piece in January 2001.

And they're ready now!

If you're in for it, here are the Main Events...
In chronological order:

8/96: the Tristan/Alexander rendez-vous
2/97: they form the group "Rank"
8/97: the first -proper- demo
11/97: supporting Echobelly at the VK in Brussels
12/97: winning the "Podium '97" rockcontest in Aalter
3/98: they change their name into "denham" and cut six new tracks
9/98: finalists of the "Backline" rockcontest in Melle
3/99: winning the "Oost-Vlaams rockconcours" at the Vooruit in Ghent
4/99: guest appearance at the "Debuutrock" showcase in Assenede
7/99: the split!
12/99: Stijn and Thomas join the duo and a new Denham is born
3/00: "Park" cd-single
10/00: Live gig at the Vooruit; "Park" wins demo poll on radio station Studio Brussel
1/01: they're a four-piece again