COCR2 : A Small Experimental Chinese OCR.

COCR2 is a free Chinese OCR for Windows 9X, ME, 2000 and XP.

What is COCR2 ?

COCR2 is a small experimental (and free) Chinese OCR. It recognizes more than 10000 characters (traditional or simplified) and accepts 3 different fonts : Song, Kai and Hei or similar. The recognition rate reaches 99% and even more for good quality scanned texts. COCR2 is still experimental. It has not been designed to replace commercial applications. Its major limitation comes from the fact that it doesn’t perform any text segmentation. So the user has to select himself or herself the characters to be ocrized with the mouse cursor. However it remains quite useful to process small texts.



There is no installer program (not yet). If you load COCR2 from the internet, you normally receive a zipped archive file named (100 is a version number). Please unzip that file on your hard disk in a directory (for example C:/Program files). Unzip will create a directory COCR2_100. You may want to create on your desktop a shortcut to the executable file COCR2.exe. COCR2 is clean with your system: the registry is not modified. Only a small file (COCR2.ini) is created in your Windows directory to store setup. Of course a Chinese font has to be installed on your system to use COCR2. This can be done for example by installing the Chinese language support in Internet Explorer. Various Chinese fonts can also be found on the Internet.


Be sure to read first this tutorial before to use COCR2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the COCR2 FAQ page.

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