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I am grateful to Linux because it has opened my mind to the right way of doing things! By using Linux/Unix, you will learn the best way to program. You will be able to let your computer do anything you want. If you are concerned by cost-reduction, you must have it because it's free.

I'm convinced that Linux can be the right alternative for programmers and for Office users on network. For engineer it's a very interesting tool but we are still missing some simulation suites such as Spice and Matlab. Scilab is not (yet) the right replacement for Matlab... I didn't tested the new version of the Windows emulator but I hope it will be the solution towards a cheap and reliable compromise. For gamers and for isolated office user, I must admit that Linux is not (yet) the best choice. For low-end users, one should prefer a very easy interface with limited access to the system and well-known software modules...

This page is for me a easy-to-access memento. I made it public to let you reuse my documentation and my scripts.

For the setup of a mail server, I found that the documentation was not compact enough for a quick start and that it may discourage most of the users. For this reason, I've included a document where I explain how I've done this configuration on my own PC.

I've also setup a database for files/documents using Mysql/Apache/PHP/Tcl.

Finally, I've made some links to interesting software/documentation. But the links provided would deserve an update.

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