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game cheats

Abe's Oddysee

Use these codes at the Main Menu
To view all Movie scenes:
Hold shift key and using the arrow keys, press: up, left, right, left, right, left, right, down
To select any Level:

Age of empires
Press [Enter] then type these codes and press [Enter] again.
BIG BERTHA : Changes your Catapults into Big Berthas with increased range and greater damage radius.
BIGDADDY : It looks like a Camaro Z28 with a guy and a rocket launcher in the driver's seat. Most deadly.
BLACK RIDER : Changes your Heavy Horse Archers into Black Riders.
COINAGE : Gives you 1000 gold.
DARK RAIN : Disguises composite bowmen as trees when they are at rest.
DIEDIEDIE : Everyone is destroyed.
E=MC2 TROOPER : Gives you a much more powerful Nuke Trooper.
FLYING DUTCHMAN : Juggernaughts turn into Flying Dutchmen.
GAIA : Allows you to control the animals individually.
HARI KARI : Kills off all your units, including buildings.
HOME RUN : You are victorious.
HOYOHOYO : Gives your priests 600 hit points and makes them move very fast.
ICBM : Increased Ballista range.
JACK BE NIMBLE : Heavy catapult will now fire cows and villagers..
KILL# : # is a number indicating the position of a player (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8). Can be used to eliminate an enemy without wiping the map clean.
MEDUSA : This one is weird. It makes one of your units a Medusa. Get him near an enemy and when the Villager dies, he will turn into a Black Rider. Let him die one more time and he turns into a Catapult!
NO FOG : Eliminates fog of war and displays enemy units.
PEPPERONI PIZZA : Gives you 1000 food.
PHOTON MAN : Gives you the Nuke Trooper.
QUARRY : Gives you 1000 stone.
RESIGN : You are defeated.
REVEAL MAP : Reveals the entire map.
STEROIDS : Almost instantaneous building.
WOODSTOCK : Gives you 1000 wood.
To get this game:

age of the empires: rise of rome
Just type in these codes in the chat window:
king arthur - changes birds into dragons (999 HP)
grantlinkspence - ??? pow big mamma - new unit: BabyPrez (Baby on trike) (500 HP, 50 str, 10 arm, 15 rng)
convert this! - new priest unit ("Saint Francis"), who kills his enemies by lightning (25 HP, 200 str, 0 arm, 10 rng)
stormbilly - get a sci-fi robot ("Zug 209") (100 HP, 20 str, 10 arm, 15 rng)
photon man - Gives a space age man with suits and laser rifles
steroids - Instant Everything
flying dutchman - Juggernauts can fly over land
pow big momma - a white car with and attack of 50, 500hps, a range of 15, and a faster fire rate
To get this game:

age of empires 2:the age of kings
* Cheat mode:
Press [Enter] and type one of following codes to activate these:
Effect Code
1000 gold - coinage
1000 wood - woodstock
1000 stone - quarry
1000 food - pepperoni pizza
Instant building - steroids
Animal control - gaia
* Extra cheat:
Type in the chat window:
Rock on 1000 stone
Lumberjack 1000 wood
Robin Hood 1000 gold
cheese steak Jimmy's 1000 food
Marco Reveal map
Polo Remove fog of war
Aegis Fast build
Natural Wonders control Gaia
Resign Resigns from game
Wimpywimpywimpy suicide I love the monkey head Dives a VDML
How do you turn this on Gives a Cobra Car
Torpedo# Replace # with player number to eliminate them.
To smithereens Gives a saboteur
I R Winner Instant victory
* Command Line Cheats:
Use one of the following command line parameters to start the game
800 - Change screen res to 800x600
1024 - Change screen res to 1024x768
1280 - Change screen res to 1280x1024
autompsave - Enable Auto save
Mfill - Cure display problems with some video cards
Msync - Cure SoundBlaster AWE freezes
NoMusic - Turn Off music.
NormalMouse - Standard mouse pointer
NoSound - Disable all sounds except during FMV sequences
NoStartup - No pre-game FMV sequences
NoTerrainSound - Turn Off all terrain sounds
* Hot Keys:
To activate one of these cheats, enter its corresponding hotkey below.
Build immutable structure - [Ctrl] + P
New resource menu - [Ctrl] + T
Speed construction - [Ctrl] + Q
View ending - [Ctrl] + C
To get this game:


* While playing:
BIG BOTTOM : The chariot is crushed
GOOGLEPLEX : Underwaterabilities
GIVEMELARD : Lots of cash
SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM : Civilians get stuck
SMALLUDDERS : Giant civilians
SUPERHOOPS : Explosive civilians
IGLOOFUN : Higher top speed
FUNNYJAM : Faster civilians
IHAVESOMESPAM : Strange gravity
CHICKENFODDER : Bouncy bounce
ILOVENOBBY : Civilians are shown on the map
HAMSTERSEX : Civilians go blind
NAUGHTYTORTY : Civilians get resurrected
TRAMSARESUPER : Civilians get stuck to the car
* On the race/car selection screen:
Type: KEVWOZEAR - This will unlock all races/cars/car upgrades
IWANTTOFIDDLE - Encrypts/Decrypts all text files
JOYRIDER - Unlock all the cars for network game. Choose All Cars in the options screen
* When in a race:
F4 : Swap between ingame modes, mostly for car and track editing. Here, it will have all kind of stuff like cheats, peds, etc.
0 : Bonus
1 : Mega Bonus
2 : Pedestrians Glued to ground
3 : Giant Pedestrian
4 : Explosive Pedestrian
5 : Hot Rod
6 : Turbo Pedestrian
7 : Invulnerability
8 : Free Repairs
9 : Instant Repairs
SHIFT + 0 : Timer Frozen
SHIFT + 1 : Underwater Ability
SHIFT + 2 : Time Bonus
SHIFT + 3 : Oh dear, bodywork trashed
SHIFT + 4 : Blow yourself up
SHIFT + 5 : Frozen Opponents
SHIFT + 6 : Frozen Cops
SHIFT + 7 : Turbo Opponents
SHIFT + 8 : Turbo Cops
SHIFT + 9 : Lunar Gravity
ALT + 0 : Pinball Mode
ALT + 1 : Wall Climber
ALT + 2 : Bouncy-Bouncy
ALT + 3 : Oh dear, Jelly Suspension
ALT + 4 : Peds shown on map
ALT + 5 : Peds electro bastard ray
ALT + 6 : Greased Tyres
ALT + 7 : ACME Damage Magnifier
SHIFT + ALT + 2 : Instant Hand Brake
SHIFT + ALT + 4 : Turbo
SHIFT + ALT + 5 : Mega Turbo
SHIFT + ALT + 6 : Blind Peds
SHIFT + ALT + 7 : Peds Respawn
SHIFT + ALT + 8 : 5 Free Recovery Vouchers
SHIFT + ALT + 9 : Solid Granite Car
CTRL + 0 : Rock Springs
CTRL + 1 : Drugs
CTRL + 2 : Grip-o-matic Tyres
CTRL + 3 : Peds Harvest
To get this game:


type lapmylovepump to enable cheats.
Then type numbers going though 1234567890 and you can change what thing's you get by pressing [Alt],[Ctrl] and [Shift].
e.g press alt,ctrl,shift and 7 or alt and 3 or alt,shift and 4 etc...


Duke nukem (1-3)
--- For version 1:
Another UNLIMITED health patch ... Are we boring you?
Guess not, otherwise you wouldn't be here, would you ?
Anyway, first use PKLITE -X DN1.EXE to uncompress
the exe so that the patch can go at it.
-- Both versions :
Press [Backspace]+[Pgdn] while playing.

duke nukem 2
Unregistered version:
Press [G]+[O]+[D] while playing.
Registered version:
[E]+[A]+[T] : Full energy, zero score
[N]+[U]+[K] : Random weapon, ite

duke nukem 3D

While playing, type "DN", the a code from the list below.
cornholio : God mode on/off
stuff : Get all the weapons and ammo
scottyXYY : Warp to epsiode X, level YY
items : Get all of the items and keys
cashman : Make Duke spew money
view : Chase View (Same as [F7])
rate : Displays the frame rate
skill# : Changes the skill level
beta : Displays "Pirates Suck!"
hyper : Puts Duke on steroids
monsters : Monsters on/off ?
cosmo : Displays a message
kroz : God mode on/off
allen : Displays a message
clip : Toggle clipping mode
unlock : Unlocks all locked doors coords : Displays coordinates debug : Show debug information showmap : Display full map

Duke nukem 3D Secrets
We have zipped a list with ALL the secrets!
That is... the regular secrets...
Recently, I found a new ultra-secret level, called "Faces of Death", which is totally wacky and features the faces of the programmers. I don't know if there are other (more simple) ways of getting there, but at least this one works. It how I myself got there.
1. Run in deathmatch, no monsters
2. Play and exit levels 1, 2 and 3
3. Enter level 4
4. In this level, take the secret exit (see zipped list)
5. Play and exit secret level "launch base"
6. Play and exit last level "the abyss"
(There's an exit behind the ammo boxes near the end of the level where you jump in the hole)
- Repeat steps 3 thru 6 twice, you will then enter the most secret of all Duke levels.
If I'm not mistaking, this is absolute premiere of A Forest Soft.
I wonder how long it takes before everybody rips this text. :(
To get to this level the "lazy" way, start duke like this:
Duke3d.exe /v1 /l7


sim city 3000

* Cheat Codes After loading a city, press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C all at the same time.
A dialog box pops up in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
Enter the code in this box and press Enter. It helps if the simulator isn't paused when you do this.
Code Description / more info
i am weak All buildings, zones, utilities, infrastructure, trees, and water are free.
i love red tape City hall description becomes "Miles and Miles of Red Tape". Also sets the date to the year 1900 (time machine?).
call cousin Vinnie After typing this code, you will see a Local Fundraising Event appear in the Meet window. He'll offer you some cash, and if yo
u accept the deal, he'll give you a large wad of cash. You can only use this code once.
zyxwvu Type in this code after rejecting the Local Fundraising deal obtained by typing "call cousin Vinnie". You will be rewarded with the SimCity Castle, which will appear in the Rewards window. The castle will boost land value and increase aura. Plus, it sure beats the mayor's house (provided your ego can fit into it).
garbage in, garbage out All garbage buildings become available regardless of year.
power to the masses All power plants become available regardless of year.
water in the desert All water facilities become available regardless of year.
pay tribute to your king All rewards and opportunities become available. However, the GigaMall and casino do not appear to be included.
nerdz rool High tech industry overtakes existing industry
let's make a deal All of your petitioners to whom you have connections to starting making deals with you.
UFO Swarm After entering this cheat, start a UFO disaster. You'll be overwhelmed by more UFOs than you can shake a SimStick at.
the birds A flock of birds fly over your city.
stop forcing advice Supposedly shuts up the advisors. Not verified.
force Moe to say [insert text] Makes Moe say whatever you put in the [insert text ] space. You can also use this cheat for Mortimer, Constance, Maria, Randall, Gus, and Karen.
(cheat not verified). force petitioners to say Works similar to above cheat. Not actually verified.
salt on Makes the deep oceanic water in your city turn into salt water (i.e., coasts)
salt off Makes all the water in your city turn into fresh water.
load terrain [path & file] Terain editor. See for the details on this code.
terrain one up Elevates all terrain 1 tile.*Destroys city, use before building!
terrain one down Lowers all terrain 1 tile. *Destroys city, use before building!
terrain ten up Elevates all terrain 10 tiles. *Destroys city, use before building!
terrain ten down Lowers all terrain 10 tiles. *Destroys city, use before building!
* Easter eggs Good for a laugh, if nothing else... watch the news ticker after typing them
broccoli, porntipsguzzardo, bat, scurk, llama, easter egg, sim, help, will wright, erts, electronic arts, ticker, money, simcity, simon says, hello, mayor, sc3k, 1234, maxis, moremoney, advisor.
* All buildings (zone, power, water, R&O, etc.)
1)Open the "Power Structures" window; close it by clicking the "X"
2)Repeat with the "Rewards and Opportunities" window
3)Repeat with the "Garbage Processing" window
4)Open the "Landmarks" window
You will have a huge list of not only the landmarks, but all of the R&O,garbage,power, water, zone, and lots of more structures.
To get this game:

mail for a game cheat