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Version 4.1.9
Released 29th September 2004

Important Changes:

  • J877.2 errors fixed

  • Added a new Automated Setup system

  • Added new icons

  • Esc now exits About screen

  • Fix for race condition in Hotmail threads

  • Added 123 Hint Screen on startup

  • Windows Shutdown should no longer cause errors if MailWasher has a session running

  • Caption changes to Origin of Spam Tools context help

  • References to Bayesian replaced with Learning in the statistics

  • Session errorlog is now cleared _after_ SessionEnd event. Should restore better handling of some session errors

  • POP retrieval changed so if TOP fails but has worked before, RETR is only tried for the email TOP failed on

  • Made a fix for incorrect status shown when toggling the display of hidden messages

Released August 3rd, 2004

Important changes / fixes:

  • Fix for blue screen errors experienced by some Win 98 and ME users.

  • Fix for column order reset problem.

  • Caption fix for write only blacklist files.

Released July 30th, 2004

Important changes / fixes:

  • Added new help file.

  • Switch icon in preview pane now looks like a switch.

  • Mailgrid sped up (The first batch of many improvements to the mail grid).

  • Tooltips on small-size and caption-less buttons.

  • Recycle-bin 'prep'ing has been threaded to speed up boot time and to use the CPU more efficiently.

  • Button bar overhauled to be large-font friendly, and have more accurate layout.

  • Users can once again use ringin.wav as a MailWasher Pro new mail sound.

  • The New mail icon now blinks even when MailWasher Pro is not in the system tray if user has specified Blink icon when new mail arrives.


  • Problems caused by the Cubic Circle POP3 server have been worked-around.

  • Font size bug in filters fixed.

  • Sorting by the delete column is now possible.

  • D627 errors fixed.

  • Wildcard email address format checking didn't allow wildcards with % in them. Now fixed.

  • MailWasher Pro had stopped maximising itself when the user tries to run it again when it's already in the system tray. Problem corrected.

  • Hotmail issues resolved and fix for connection being dropped on hotmail newsletters is now enabled.

  • Cryptic Error P183 fixed.

  • Deleted 0 of 1 bug fixed.

  • Lots of minor bugfixes



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