Last Updated: February 20, 2004

SANS Security Essentials - GSEC

Mentor: Pierre de la Brassinne (GSEC)  

Mobile: +32 – 477 / 30 34 83  

It is NOT too late to register!!!

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Dates: January 31, 2004 through May 29, Saturdays from 9:00am - 11:45am

Next date: Saturday, March 6, at 9:00 am

Saturday, March 13, March 20, March 27, April 24, May 8, May 15, May 22, May 29.


Collège Saint Pierre; 205 avenue Coghen ; 1180 Uccle (Brussels)

Collège Saint-Pierre Web Site


When looking at the building, walk down a few steps. I will put signs indicating the way. If you are lost, look for the tennis courts. The room is located above them. If you are really lost, call me on my mobile.


Why join this ‘SANS Security Essentials’ mentor-led program?

·        Truly global overview of Information Security: you will learn everything about TCP/IP, firewalls, IDS, cryptography, Windows & Unix security, ... If you do not believe me, check the agenda below.

·        Very practical techniques: The courses are full of important and immediately useful techniques that you can put to work as soon as you return to your offices.

·        Outside of business hours

·        No need to travel to an expensive city: combination of online training (access to pdf and mp3) along with 10 classroom sessions. But it is still all the same materials used at SANS conferences.

·        Also visit for much more on SANS and SANS education.


Why Certify?

·        Added confidence: very important point for a security professional working in a very stressful environment to be confident in the solutions he/she puts in place. Also very important from your employer’s point of view to be confident in the work you do.

·        Stay up-to-date: you make sure you keep your skills current in such a fast-evolving field

·        Every certification aims at providing assurance that a certified individual meets a minimum level of ability and possesses the skills to do the job. Is there a better way to reassure a potential employer about your abilities and differentiate yourself from the others?

·        I’m sure you can find many other advantages. (I wanted to be short). Please visit GIAC website for another list of advantages:





Class 1:          Saturday, January 31, at 9:30 am

SANS Security Essentials I:  Networking Concepts


1.         Network Fundamentals

2.         IP Concepts I

3.         IP Concepts II


Class 2:          Saturday, March 6 at 9:00 am

SANS Security Essentials I:  Networking Concepts


4.         IP Behavior

5.         Routing Fundamentals

6.         Physical Security


Class 3:          Saturday, March 13

SANS Security Essentials II:  Defense in Depth


7.         Defense in Depth

8.         Basic Security Policy

9.         Access Control and Password Management

10.       Incident Handling Foundations

11.       Information Warfare

12.       Web Communications and Security


Class 4:          Saturday, March 20

SANS Security Essentials III:  Internet Security Technologies


13.       Attack Stragtegies and Mitigation

14.       Firewalls and Honeypots

15.       Vulnerability Scanning


Class 5:          Saturday, March 27

SANS Security Essentials III:  Internet Security Technologies


16.       Host-based IDS

17.       Network-based IDS

18.       Risk Management and Auditing


Class 6:          Saturday, April 24

SANS Security Essentials IV:  Secure Communications


19.       Encryption 101

20.       Encryption 102

21.       Applying Cryptography


Class 7:          Saturday, May 8

SANS Security Essentials IV:  Secure Communications


22.       Steganography

23.       Viruses and Malicious Code

24.       Operations Security


Class 8:          Saturday, May 15

SANS Security Essentials V: Windows Security


25.       The Windows Security Infrastructure

26.       Permissions and User Rights

27.       Security Templates and Group Policy

28.       Services, Hotfixes, and Backups

29.       Securing Windows Network Services

30.       Automation and Auditing


Class 9:          Saturday, May 22

SANS Security Essentials VI: UNIX Security


31.       Patch and Software Management

32.       Minimizing System Services

33.       Logging and Warning

34.       User Access Control

35.       System Configuration

36.       Backups and Archiving


Class 10:        Saturday, May 29


Wrap up.

Guidance on practical assignment.

Guidance on exams.






SANS list of popular resources on computer security: