BirthDate Version Log

1.50    28 Sep 2016
Dropdown list of US census dates added.

1.41    3 Mar 2010
Only statically linked version now provided to avoid any compatibility issues.

1.40    10 Nov 2009
Added 1911 census date. Rebuilt using Visual C++ 2008.
Both dynamically and statically linked dll versions of executable now provided.

1.30     10 Feb 2004
5 year birth date range now given if 1841 census selected and age is multiple of 5 (15 or over).

1.22     24 Nov 2003
Age spin control now works more intuitively i.e. up arrow increases, down arrow decreases.

1.21    23 Nov 2003
Error on closing with Win 98 and Me eliminated.

1.2    7 Oct 2003
Spin control added to age field.
First version that was announced to soc.genealogy newsgroups and widely distributed.

1.1    16 Sep 2003
Dropdown list of UK census dates added.

1.0   1 Oct 2001
First version built for my own use.

Note: To obtain the program version, left click on the top left icon.
Then select  About BirthDate...  from the resulting system menu.