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All that you have always wanted to know about trekking, skiing, mountaineering and did not dare ask before....Luc De Myttenaere will explain to you thus ensuring that you return equipped from head to toe! His
enthusiasm is very just and communicative. For a walk or high mountaineering in sunny weather or a snow storm, the Starpole team provides you with the right equipment. They also provide, if necessary, very sophisticated equipment for expeditions to the Himalayas, the Antarctic or even the North Pole. We have bought a lot of our equipment from them. Check out their shop at Chaussée de Wavre, 1501 Brussels 1160 Tel: +32-(0)2-6754960 or surf their website:

Color Impact

For weddings, births, general wishes, small or big celebrations etc. you can get in touch with Guy van Cutsem. Color Impact proposes high quality work for invitations or visiting cards (he did our Bike8000 cards) at competitive prices with short delivery periods. All you have to do is enter door No. 31, Rue de l'Inquisition at 1000 Brussels to have a look at the splendid old printing fonts and choose one for your announcement! His number is +32-(0)2-7353512 and his new web site is


Apart from its specialty in office and home furniture, the Assar Architects Association has advanced in the area of urbanization of a lot of projects for the Region and City authorities. Guy Standaert, our brother-in-law and associate of Assar, has given us the following task: to establish a typology of the traditional European habitat from the North to the South in the eyes of a specific traveler, that is a cyclist. Gaetane's graduation in the history of art will be an advantage and would contribute a great deal in building this documentation, complete with pictures and descriptions. This will then be exposed and published on a very attractive site waiting for you at: