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Non-profit organizations

We have established contacts with a few non profit organizations, all of which have some general or specific interest in a project similar to Bike8000. We have proposed several service exchanges and a mutual publicity, purely free of charge, of course.

Pro velo

Provelo is a growing non profit organization promoting the use of bicycles. It is a very dynamic team headed by our friend Jean Luc de Wilde. For a very long time, we have felt very close to their goals, values and objectives. It is a research and promotion institute for bicycles and it defines itself as a service provider, helping authorities, schools and companies find a 'place' for the bicycle.

They have some public oriented activities:

  • Promoting the use of bicycles as a means of transport and for just a leisurely ride. (You must have already heard of 'Dring Dring' or 'Velobrabançonne')
  • Organizing bicycle tours and bicycle renting.
  • 'Bicycle' pooling for school kids.

Why not visit them at Rue de Londres, 1050 Brussels or check out their


EuroVelo® is a project to develop 12 long-distance international cycle routes spanning Europe. The network will be used for cycling holidays as well as local journeys and will provide a safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly alternative to the motor car.

After having set up our full itinerary on Michelin map, we heard about EuroVelo®, and much to our excitement, we realised that our chosen itinerary was very close to many sections of the routes proposed by EuroVelo®. Their head office happens to be situated in Brussels, so we met there and offered our services in promoting this great idea of a European Cycle Route Network. Whenever possible we will report back with our observations about the present status of EuroVelo® routes when our itinerary follows the proposed EuroVelo® routes (which will be the case for about 75% of the total 8,000 km). We also want to share with you our dream of a Europe where cycling really means something, not only here and there through local initiatives.



Aves (latin for 'birds') is an association for the study and protection of wild fauna, specifically of birds. Beyond its ornithological research, Aves is busy with the study of mammals, reptiles and batrachians especially in the Wallonie and Brussels regions. Another skill of theirs is education. Thanks to the help of guides and benevolent animators, Aves organizes around 500 activities each year : excursions and ornithological trips, training sessions, slides and documentaries, etc.

Also, Aves owns a library of high scientific value and allows you to buy a lot of books on nature and almost anything to do with ornithology.

Benoit has been a member of Aves for a long time and even if the time for birdwatching trips is getting scarce now, the passion is still there. Besides it being a marvellous hobby, it makes one more aware of our natural environment. So, why not become a member or simply participate in one of Aves' activities. All information and details of excursions are available at:


This is the 'Research and Action Group of Everyday Cyclists'; an association of members who act in order to obtain better conditions for cycling as well as for an increase in the number of cyclists in the traffic. It acts as a lobby against authorities and supplies the following services to its members:

  • Protecting the interests of the everyday cyclists
  • Representing the cyclists and pushing for a better policy for bicycles
  • Encouraging people to use bicycles as nearly the sole means of transport.

GRACQ publishes 'Ville à Vélo' (literally, 'City on Cycle'), a monthly newspaper of everyday cyclists where you will find all useful information on cycling as a way of transport and discovery. Dominique Baecke, permanent member of the GRACQ is also our privileged contact for 'La Roue et Solidaire' (the solidarity action which we support) through the 'Ateliers de la Rue Voot' where she works as well.

If you are going to work or school by bicycle, let it be known and join the team on

IAG Alumni

This is the Institute of Administration and Management of the UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain) of which Benoit is a member. Its main purpose is to promote and maintain friendly and professional relations between former students and to defend its members' professional interests. It publishes a monthly periodical giving important information on the agenda of activities, miscellaneous information and as well as a Membership list, a list of the teachers of the Institute and more than 10,000 useful contacts.

The sabbatical is not very popular amongst the members of the Association so Benoit has made it his duty to show them that it is possible and that it can be positive with a lot of value. Nathalie Celis is the contact at the 'Conseil d'administration' of IAG Alumni, a co-member like Benoit of 'Ingenu', old students for the promotion of 'Commercial Engineers 1988'.

So....graduates of IAG, have you lost contact? our new website:


So many people have encouraged, helped and sponsored us... Given below are some of them...may we be forgiven for the forgotten ones...

  • Roland Fabri: our brother in law and also Webmaster for the design and
    maintenance of our site....a huge job!
  • Bernard Meeus and Alcodis S. A. : for granting the sabbatical to Benoït
    and the help in telecommunications.
  • Cécile Quénum: for the graphical design of the site.
  • Yves Van Straelen of 'La Maison du Vélo' (Chaussée de Louvain 341, 1030
    Brussels Tel: 32 2 742 07 45): for assembling our bicycle and for
    professional advice on the art of travelling by bicycle.
  • Tanguy Gaspard of 'Veloxygene' (Rue Vanderkindere 395, 1180 Brussels
    02/343.47.57): for the training in cycle mechanics.
  • Thierry de Thibaut for the help with vidéo equipment
  • Sophie Ortner, Diane and Alain Corman : for the English translations.
  • Olivier Hertoghe and Ben Willocx : for the dutch translations
  • Pierre-Emmanuel De Bauw and Roberto Torres : for the spanish translations
  • Alexia Struye, for the original idea of the logo.
  • Xavier Janssens, for scanning, Michel Meeus for the WAP
  • Olivier Carton, for the advice on sponsorship.
  • Vincent Orts, for media counselling.
  • ...