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Tuesday October 2nd (Huelgoat)

Yesterday night Annick had prepared a typical britton meal. First, an artichoke " Prince .de Bretagne, appellation contrôlée " ; then a sarrasin pancake, stuffed with eggs, ham and cheese; finally a traditional "far" with prunes (the britton far is a kind of baked custard, more compact. All this with a local cider, very good indeed !

Sunday September 30th (Plymouth)

We have shared the meals of seven families in England, what a nice welcome we have each time received !

A very british custom is the mug of coffee or tea. At every hour of the day, our hosts offered some to us. Many british people practice the "morning tea": they have this delicious beverage at bed, before going down for breakfast. Cereals are always part of the breakfast. Their boxes are really huge… Sometimes we had the chance of getting eggs and beacon. English eggs are as good as their hens are beautiful. Toasts also are very british, even when the bread is fresh.
Aaron, Tim, Elisa, Xan and Georgia had small pancakes. Porridge is also part of the breakfast. Our favorite remains the homemade blackberries jam !

For our lunches, we have preferred three garnishes : cheddar, honey roasted ham, and the Ardennes paté (in french on the pack, coming from our beloved little country !).

We have loved several evening meals: roasted salmon, chicken curry, sheperd pie, risotto… The crumble went often with these delicious dishes, with clotted cream, our besetting sin…

Tuesday September 11th (Huijbergen)

Here some Dutch specialities that we have much appreciated:

The unavoidable "stroopwafels" (golden sirup waffles) irresistible when fresh (which is difficult to control in their plastic wrapping): for 10 am or 4 pm, the energy for the break!

The indonesian rijstafel, with pindakaas sauce and bananas with coconut, is a refinement tasted in one of the numerous indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam.
Last but not least, the gouda: a fresh slice of bread and butter covered by a gouda slice is always good.

Sunday July 29th (Trosa)

A few swedish specialities as prepared for us by Birgit. I start with the best: the "kladding chokladkaka". A chocolade tart, with grilled almonds, a delicacy for the chocolade fans as I am. Another sweet tested: the "Nypon sopa". This wild rose soup is more thick than juice, like a soup, and is full of C vitamines.

Last but not least, a recipe by Birgit: "tunnbröd", a speciality from the north of the country, a kind of very flat bread, stuffed and rolled with smoked haring, merged with cream cheese: very good, indeed !

To learn everything about the Norvegian gastronomy, we advise you to read the complete article found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site.

Saturday July 7 (Umbukta)

Because we live our last days in Norway, I have bought "Smurt Tykkledse". It was not acceptable to leave this country without tasting this traditional pastry that I see in snacks or supermarkets since one month.

The result ? Stodgy, we don'nt like it. May be it's because of the soja margarine, or the E 471 additive ?

Wednesday July 4, 2001 (Føroy)

Some could think, concerning the responsible of this heading: she got a cushy job, tasting from time to time some good dishes and writing a few lines for the Web.

On the contrary, the task is not so limited ! First I must manage the feeding bag. The rear roll bag of Benoît is entirely filled with food. (Mine contains the tent and the matresses). I must constantly keep this food bag in order: look after the yaourt pots remain upright, keep available the pic-nic, artfully fill the pants and cups with imbedded supplies… And from time to time, manage to re-supply: then Benoît takes me for shopping.

My second duty: watch the shops shelves for local products which are sound, fresh and balanced. We try to have a fruit each day and we give priority to slow suggars which can stimulate our energy. As for the numerous fishes eaten these last days, they help us to keep a clear mind.

Wednesday June 27, 2001 (Stamstund)

Welcoming our belgian guest Francis yesterday for the dinner, with “Torro” (the norvegian “Knorr”). A “Lofoten fiske suppe”, then “pasta di napoli”, finally “Vafler”. Actually, the rorbuer in which we live for 2 days is equipped with a waffle iron…

At noon, we had a big “lapskaus” tan, offered by Francis. We don’t know the exact content of this local meat, but it was very convenient by this gray and cold weather.

Tuesday June 26, 2001 (Stamsund)

Yerterday night, fishmeal...

Monday June 25, 2001 (Heningsvaer)

Today we have tested for you two norvegian specialities: “fiskekakes” and “römergröt”.

Friday June 22, 2001 (Stokmarknes)

After a 54 km ride in the morning, we stopped in Sortland, a nice town with a shopping place, well decided to get a big picnic to celebrate this morning so rich in km…

And in the Mega Coop we swoon in front of belgian strawberries, in the Vesteralen islands! They were delicious, and in the afternoon we saw strawberries farmings, in flowers state.

Tuesday June 19 (Sorreisa)

Yesterday night we had whale meat. Whale fishing is a very controversial matter here, but our hosts are very concerned by environmental issues and hospitality: we have much appreciated this unusual barbecue.

At the breakfast Benoît has tasted this brown cheese mentioned by Christophe in our golden book: it is sweat goat cheese. The yellow berries mentioned by Benoît W. are arctic mulberries: we have seen much of them in flowers. They are harvested in August, and not expensive

Saturday June 16, 2001 (Nordkjosbotn)

We have eaten our first (and last?) norvegian frites. We arrived very wet at Nordkjosbotn at about 14:00 pm, and needed some warm food: we rushed into this frites shop, like mosquitoes on campers. No paper cornet, but a frigolite box; no straight frites, but twisted ones, as grills. About the taste, ah! Not as the belgian frites…

A flash back concerning Ben’s fishes: they were a black “lieu” (no translation found) and a salmon trout: fresh and delicious!

Friday June 15, 2001 (Skibotn)

These last days we poured in our “Decathlon” reserves. Before our departure, we had snapped up two sport supermarkets; now energizing bars and freeze-dried meals have no more secrets for us.
As evening meals in our bivouacs: a choice of chicken couscous, bolognaise pastas, rice chicken with curry, pastas with sauced ox, cheese twisted noodles… This list triggers a hearty appetite: let’s taste the fishs catched by Ben at noon !

Monday June 11, 2001 (Alta)

A few lines to announce this evening meal: our first norvegian beer, Mack-ol, “bio” chips, and pastas with salmon…

Sunday June 10, 2001 (Alta)

A product tested this Sunday : “kaviar”. Question : is it a least one gram of caviar in this tube ? Considering the price it would be cheap… Anyway, on “kornmo” (kind of “tuc”), it’s good.

Saturday June 9, 2001 (Duoddar Sion)

Yesterday night we have enjoyed our first freeze-dried meal : “noodles with ox and sauce” : 80 gr powder for a 230 gr, 390kcal meal : wonderful ! Moreover, you poor the water directly in the bag : no plates washing !

Today we have tested a Norwegian pastry : “Fysterkake med ekte mandler”, for sale in all small supermarkets. Another first : a beautiful, not identified smoked fish devoured at noon.

Friday June 8, 2001 (Olderfjord)

This morning we have opened a new type of breakfast, adviced by Daniel met at the North Cape: fruit yoghurt mixed with cruesli: delicious !

Thursday June 7, 2001 (Kafjord)

Shampinjong-og brokkolisuppe prepared on our gas stove ; we hope it will be a feast !

Aperitif : Kuemmerling Kraüterlikör offered yersterday by a German lady who took pity on our condition…

Wednesday June 6, 2001 (D+2 Day)

Yesterday night, aboard the Nordlys, fishsoup, halibut with creamed sauce, cucumber salad, served with Liebfrauemilch… Of course, we have a good start !
Today Wednesday some shopping in Honnigsvag : the sausage is reindeer’s sausage, fish sausage and pellets are also available : we have to taste all this !

Tuesday June 5, 2001 (D+1 Day)

« Dis-moi ce que tu manges et je te dirai qui tu es » (tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are) : we saw this sentence, in French, arriving in the Oslo airport.

Monday June 4, in the plane, excellent meal with salmon steak… Evening meal : seal lasagne…

Tuesday June 5, at the breakfast, doggy bags are provided to allow us to take our noon picnic, free of charge !