architecture - june 2001

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To learn everything about the Norvegian architecture, we advise you to read the complete article found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site.

Thursday June 21 morning (Andenes)

During our trip we have seen hundreds farms: see our photo album for some pictures. Their walls are build with an inside and an outside board panel, the space between being filled with wood shavings for the insulation. The outside walls are painted with vivid colours, most often blood ox red. The cattle lives at the ground level, and the forage is stocked at the upper level, accessed by an outside wooden gangway.

The villages are much more spread out here, compared to Germany, Holland, Belgium and south countries. The church is rarely build in the center and when it is one, it may be far away. As a result there is no real center place, but some shops, the post, the gas station or the supermarket; there the people gather and chat.