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Hi Gaetane, Hi Benoit !

It´s the first time after the Nordkapp, that I use the internet and it was the first thing to see your website ! That´s great !

On Saturday morning, I left the Nordkapp and after about 80 kilometers, I met the man from Sweden - what a surprise, that you met him in the morning, too !!! I was funny to talk with him and we wished us a good trip.

When you left Nordkapp on Thursday, I had a wonderful morning in T-Shirt in front of the tent and a lot of sun. But when I came out of the building in the afternoon, the sky was dark and at about six o´clock, it was very windy and it was raining a lot. Outside, you couldn´t see the building from the tent anymore ! But in the night, the sun was comming out and it was a great light at about one o´clock !

I left Nordkapp on Saturday morning and it was very windy, so I had many problems, to put down my tent... Unfortunately, it was wind exactely from the south, so it tooks nearly three hours for me, to get to Honningsvåg and when I arrived at the supermarket, I had an average speed of 11 !

The trip to Lakselv yesterday was with a lot of rain and I had my first norwegian thunderstorm. It was haevy to ride, but the sun came out after it and I had dry things in the evening. I slept here on a camping site for 40 crowns for the tent and the shower was free !!! That´s really cheap !

Now, the sky is dark, but it doesn´t rain and after the time in the internet, I will buy some stuff in the supermarket and will left Lakselv to North. I think I will take three days to the end of Nordkinn and will use than the Hurtigrute to Varanger.

Hope you also have a good time and I will read your Travelbook again, when I will get in the internet !

Bye, Daniel

...and sorry, I don´t know where do you know it... I´m not from Frankfurt, I´m from Villingen in the black-forest. That´s in the South of Germany near Switzerland :-)

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