Sunday 07.10.2001 - Cocktails

Rhodos - Tris - Trianda
10,3 km
416,3 km


Honest to God, today is going to be a bike-free day.
We explore Rhodes-City by foot, with all these narrow alleys that's easier than by bike. We're taking the route that's in the Dutch travel guide "Rhodos ontdekken en beleven". We can leave our bikes and bags at the hotel during the day and they will even let us take a shower before leaving for the airport later on. It's all no problem.

In the morning the city is still quiet. We're having breakfast while we hear the religious hymns in the background from the orthodox church nearby. It's also easier to take good pictures now, without scooters and tourists.
We visit the museum "The palace of the Grand Master of Kastello". It is built at the highest point of the city and with its robust structure it has played a crucial role in the defence of the city. The museum has been beautifully restored, a real must.

Grand Master of Kastello Not a biker...

We continue along the Street of the Knights. It's still very hot and we almost feel like we're riding on a mountain. We look for a cosy restaurant and find one at a small square. From on top of the upper terrace floor we have a beautiful view at the neighbourhood and we can even see the harbour from here. After a delicious meal we take a long break and then take a stroll in the old town.

Windmill Fishing at the harbor

By 5 pm we're back at the hotel, we take a quick shower and then jump back on our bikes for the last time. Regretfully we leave Rhodes-City and head for Trianda, the starting point of our tour. We hand in our bikes and about half an hour later we're already drowning our sorrows with cocktails. Alain makes a thorough job of this by spilling his third cocktail all over his shorts and luggage.

We are counting down our last hours on this magnificent island and for the last time we go eat some delicious Greek food, of course with a nice bottle of wine. A taxi takes us to the airport where our flight takes us back to Belgium, this time without problems or delays.
It has been a fantastic week and we can recommend it to everybody!

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