Thursday 13.06.2002 - Back home

0,0 km
410,3 km

At 4.50 am Gert's cell phone makes a first attempt to wake us up. Gert wakes up but immediately falls asleep again.
A few minutes later, Alain's cell phone makes a second attempt. Alain and Piet continue sleeping through the annoying sound, but this time Gert jumps out of bed and stumbles into the direction of the bathroom. He tries to wake up by throwing some cold water in the face.
5 Minutes later he wakes up Piet and Alain, who are still in a very deep sleep. We all jump into our clothes and continue making our suitcase. How this is hard!!
Afraid to forget something with our sleepy heads, we check the room several times.

We check out and call for a cab. Fortunately the cabs are practically waiting in front of the hotel. We get to the airport for +/- 10 euro, which is a fixed price.

Our flight is the only one that is taking off this morning so there's hardly anyone at the airport. While waiting for the plane we try not to fall asleep and to get sober.

Our hand luggage gets checked thoroughly, 3 men are watching the screen when our luggage appears. Do we look that bad?

Again a propeller aircraft takes us to Athens where we catch the connecting flight to Brussels. The flight to Brussels isn't fully occupied so we don't hesitate to take the seats at the emergency exit in order to have extra room for our legs.
We practically sleep the entire trip and by noon we are back in Zaventem.

It has been a fantastic week and also this time we can look back at a unique bike experience. Kefalonia is a quite, green and all-round island. Definitely a place to get back to.