Sunday 09.06.2002 - Skippestreet

Sami - Agia Efimia - Fiskardo - Assos
69,6 km
250,9 km


We leave Sami and cycle alongside the beach in the direction of Agia Efimia.

Again there are signs for the Melisani Lake we visited yesterday. But contrary to the ones we saw before, these signs bring us to the actual cave and part of the lake all the brochures speak about.

We make a boot trip into the cave and are guided by an optimistic Greek, who's singing all the time. In between 2 songs he explains the origin of this subterranean lake: seawater disappears in between the rocks on the West part of the island (in the neighborhood of Argostoli) and ends up after several days in the lake of this cave at the East part of the island.


Due to the opening above, the sun gives the water a marvelous blue-green color.
This is indeed worth the trouble.
Pleased with this discovery we continue the trip to Agia Efimia.

Agia Efimia

We have a short break at the port before starting the 14 km long climb.
The beginning is very steep with hair pin bends, afterwards it gets less difficult. After yesterday's disaster, this climb is actually easy going.

The extreme heat makes it necessary to stop several times in the shadow to cool down. There's nothing really remarkable at the top so we go further down to Fiskardo.
This part of the island is practically desolated and has beautiful nature.

Following the small turning roads, we cycle through the green glowing landscape, with cypresses everywhere.
The inhabitants of the small villages are clearly not used to see tourists, no one speaks a word other than the Greek language.

The Green northern part of Kefalonia Right before Fiskardo

Right before we get to Fiskardo, we stop at a marvelous bay with an ooh so tempting beach! Wow, this is beautiful!

Fiskardo gives a more snobbishly impression compared to the other coastal towns on the island, probably the marina has something to do with it. The small hotels and houses are built on the mountain slopes, all with view on the sea and marina. How it would be nice to have a cottage here!
We have our lunch at a taverna with sea view.

Alongside the harbor, we continue the trip in the direction of Assos. The road goes uphill and partly into the green inland. The map mentions a small road that would shorten the trip substantially, but we soon realize this road won't do at all. The road can hardly be called so and it is obvious it has not been frequently used.
So we get back to the main road.

The last part to Assos is a steep descent with short bends. Alain wants to overtake a small Japanese car but the driver tries everything to keep ahead of him. In the end Alain has to give up, the car does have an engine after all, hasn't it?


The road leading to Assos Castle is very steep so we decide not to visit it.
We cycle around a bit looking for a place to sleep. Most hotels are fully booked which forces us to go up again looking for other ones. Quite a shock for our tired legs, who thought today's work was over.

We ask around and finally get to a retired sailor man who has rooms to let. He immediately starts telling about Antwerp when he hears we're from Belgium. While he is setting up a third bed in the room he asks whether we're familiar with the 'Skippestreet' at the Antwerp harbor.
The 'Skippestreet'?? Okay... the Schippersstraat, one of the most famous streets in the red-light district. We'd better not tell his wife about this.

We have a swim in the sea, do some laundry afterwards and practically occupy the entire balcony with wet shorts, cycling shorts and T-shirts.

Our sailor man gave us the name of a restaurant at the small harbor. We blindly follow his advice which turns out to be a wise decision.

One bottle of wine for three seems rather poor so we have another one. This results in finishing the day in a very happy mood actually.
While Piet and Gert only had eye for the delicious food, Alain is rather interested in the gorgeous smile of the friendly waitress. Sweet dreams...