Saturday 23.09.2000 - Back home II

0,0 km
305,6 km

2.50 am. Gert scares himself to death when the phone rings next to his right ear to wake us up. We take a quick shower and wait downstairs for the bus.
The hostess gives us again bad news: our flight will be 3 hours later than expected. Pfff!

Meanwhile, the approximately 100 passengers start loosing their patience. Several amongst them fly off the handle but there is no other alternative than going back to sleep for a couple of hours. We will be woken up at 6 am.

5.50 am. Again we scare like hell from the phone that is ringing. When we are downstairs for the second time we get to hear that a plane from Brussels to Athens has taken off just now. So again we are not able to leave at the planned hour. People are getting REALLY annoyed now.
The extended breakfast buffet is a small comfort and we get ourselves in a chair next to the swimming pool. Meanwhile, we made acquaintance with several people, enough to play a game of cards.

Killing time

The bus finally leaves at 11.30 am in the direction of the airport. We hope to arrive at 2 pm in Zaventem.
It's 2.30 pm when we get there.

The end

But this lost day is soon forgotten and is peanuts compared to the made impressions and great moments of the past week.
This holiday was just GREAT!