Friday 22.09.2000 - Back home I

0,0 km
305,6 km

Today is our last day.
After breakfast we lounge about the streets of Kerkyra. We can't find any original souvenirs and time is running by. Finally we decide to buy some ouzo, wine and Cumqat. We get back to the hotel in time, get ourselves a cab and drive to the airport.
Our timing is still according to plan, but after one hour of waiting we hear that our plane has returned to Athens due to technical problems. It is 1 pm now, we will have to wait for a while...

But the waiting takes longer than expected. The flight will not take off before 6 pm so they offer us a lunch at their expense. But then the plans have changed again: JetAir hostess Heidi tells us with a smile that take off will not be for today anymore. She has made arrangements for hotel and food and we will be woken up at 3 am to get back to the airport. Our holiday gets prolonged unexpectedly.
A 4-star hotel with tempting swimming pool gives us back some energy.

Hotel with simming pool

Our suitcases are already checked in, but Gert must have been aware of this scenario, since all required stuff is in his hand luggage. At a super speed we get into our swimming pants and jump in the pool. Diner is a large buffet, the largest of our holiday actually. We eat as if we have to gain back the lost kilos of the past days. We walk again to the dam next to the landing strip and return a bit later to get to bed, it will be a short night.