Thursday 21.09.2000 - Swimming pool

Paleokastritsa - Agios Vasilios - Tzavros
15,1 km
305,6 km


The fatigue is gaining the upper hand now, we therefore decide to have a day of rest before returning the bikes.
After breakfast, we stumble in the direction of the beach, get ourselves into a chair and enjoy the warmth of the sun. We cool down in the clear green-blue sea. This is enjoying! But after 3 hours we have had it. We have some lunch and take a swim in the hotel pool afterwards.
It is time for the last trip!

Let's rock!

We promised Horst to return the bikes around 5 pm. The average speed of the last days taken into account, we decide to leave at 3 pm. The first kilometres are slightly climbing, but after that it is flat and easy riding. Piet is in charge and at a speed of 30 km/h we arrive at Hellas Bike after half an hour. This means an hour and a half that has to be filled in. A bar with swimming pool next to the shop attracts our attention. We leave our bikes where they are, order a large beer and ask the owner whether we can swim in the pool. No problem of course, so we take a dip for the last time this week and let ourselves dry in the sun.

Having a beer

Super active Horst has arrived meanwhile and before we get back to the shop the luggage carriers are already removed from the bikes. We make a deal with him to leave the carriers there for 12.000 GDR.
We go to Kerkyra by bus and have to deal with a fully booked hotel for the first time. They sent us further on to hotel Atlantis. Exhausted from this rest day we have a rest in our room.

We have our last meal at restaurant Rex. On our way back to the hotel we are followed by a bunch of dogs (about 5). The dogs tent to attack everything that is passing by: scooters and cars. We are not really fearing them yet but they get more numerous and more and more aggressive.
We start wondering whether we are going to make it without being attacked. We can see the hotel now... still 100 metres to go... we increase our speed... YES, we are there!
Though our body is full with adrenaline after this short walk we fall asleep immediately. Wine and ouzo probably have something to do with it...