Monday 18.09.2000 - Albania

Kerkyra - Dassia - Kassiopi - Acharavi
62,4 km
193,1 km


While enjoying an extensive breakfast buffet we write our postcards.
After tidying up the mess we made in our hotel room, we're off for another "bike day". We ride northward alongside the coast, but first pass by our friend Horst to drop off some unnecessary luggage: trousers, sweater and sport shoes are not really required with this temperature. We ride much more comfortable now.

As described in our travelling guide, climbing and descending is extremely tiring and we use a lot of our energy with this temperature. As usual we don't have any food with us and exhaustion is getting close. We stop at a supermarket and prepare ourselves a lunch of bread, water, fanta, bananas, apples and chocolate biscuits. The energy level increases by the minute!

Taking a break

We continue the trip and after a great deal of descends we arrive at the coast again. It's still continuously climbing and descending. While giving the best of ourselves we pass some tempting turquoise beaches with pain in the heart. Some 10 kilometres further on, it's even too much for us! We put on our swimming gear and let us float in the calm seawater. From here you can see the contours of Albania and a couple of islands in the West. We lay in the sun for about an hour. This is great!

Albania in the background Turquoise beaches

Acharavi, today's final stop, is only a few kilometres away. This time we do actually have some difficulty in finding a place to stay, probably since it is more touristy here than in the south.
After asking around a bit we arrive at a desolated hotel where we can have a studio for 12.000 GRD after some discussion. We get into bed extremely tired and plan to get up earlier tomorrow. Pantokrator is waiting and we want to get there before the burning heat.