Sunday 17.09.2000 - Mosquitoes

Perivoli - Messongi - Stavros - Kerkyra
43,9 km
130,7 km


It was a restless night: the mosquitoes made an attack on us so we hardly slept. Moreover, Piet switched the light on several times while heavily whirling around with his arms and a towel in an attempt to destroy them. It were fierce attempts but THEY where larger in number! All doors and windows are closed but they keep on coming in. The result of our nightly chase becomes clear in the morning with the number of corpses sticking upon the nice white walls.
With an extremely sleepy face we stumble in the direction of breakfast, it's 9 am. The laundry we hung up yesterday isn't dry yet and due to the dawn probably even wetter.

The first part of our trip takes us alongside the coast. We pass a couple of nice fishing ports and villages where we stop by just to take a picture or enjoy the typical Greek atmosphere.

Today's first goal is Stavros: a heavy climb of 12 km. Gert is in good shape today, he easily goes uphill and so does the spirit!

At one of our stops an old crazy woman approaches us and starts telling her life in Greek: we take out our "Greek for travellers" and tell her we don't understand her language, but she keeps on talking. We don't understand a word of it but we leave with a nice picture. We wave her goodbye and continue the trip.

Crazy old woman Stavros

The last 2 kilometres are extremely heavy but are rewarded with a picturesque Stavros and astonishing views.
After a short break at an inner court, we return to taverna The Well. Gert tries some moussaka for the first time, and it turns out to be a real must! Piet still plays it save and just takes a pizza.
The cloths we hung up to dry on our bikes are as dry as a bone by now. We are ready for a long descend, yeehaa!

However... we're going in the direction of Sisi's countryhouse and we soon find ourselves going uphill again. We taste some culture over here, which appears to be a rare occurrence on the island.

Het Achillion

But then there is another long descend through which we arrive at a nice dam with view on the landing-strip of Kerkyra-airport. We lay ourselves down and enjoy the warmth of the sun.
We ride into the town of Kerkyra to find a hotel. Our travelling guide advises a.o. Bella Venetia, a bit expensive but we go for it. Breakfast is included by the way.


After a refreshing shower we walk into the centre of Kerkyra where we have diner at restaurant Rex, a must according to the hotel owner. It seems to be a good choice, since nearly all the tables are occupied whereas the other restaurants remain with empty seats. After a nice meal we walk further on into the Venetian district, a labyrinth of small, twisting streets which indeed gives a more Italian than a Greek impression. Very picturesque!
Before going back to the hotel, we visit the old fort by night.