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Updated :   February 24th, 2006 
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List of updates :

February 24th, 2006 :
- overview table inserted of Graupner buddy box system accessories (chap. 5)

February 3rd, 2006 :
- renewing Hitec-part after new info from a friend with a fried 9Zap

December 10th, 2004 :
- inserting comments and transmitters in type 2 and 3-transmitters (chap.1)
- remarks in paragraph 1.1 : positif and négatif shift (chap.1)
- inserting transmitters in paragraph 1.6.1 and 1.6.3 (chap.1)

June 7th, 2003 :
- IMPORTANT correction in text of the FF9/9C : renumbering for bridge between pin 4 and 5 (chap.3)
- inserting note from Hitec website (chap.3) (thanks to Alan Tong, NZ)
- improvement of drawing "c" of figure 4-04 (chap.4) (thanks to Stefan Hegner, D)

May 25th, 2003 :
- types of master-transmitters (chap.1)
- inserting a paragraph : isolating buddy lead with opto-coupler (chap.2)
- how to use the Multiplex Cockpit as master transmitter (chap.3)
- renumbering of the square-type Futaba buddy connector according to manufacturer's numbering (chap.3 & 7)
- more info about the Sanwa/Airtronics Infinity, Quasar, Stylus and the other transmitters of the same brand (chap.3)
- more examples of connections of transmitters to PC for FMS with WIn95-98-Millennium (chap.7)

January 11th, 2003 :
- adding in paragraph 1.6 of a commercial wireless buddy box system (chap.1)
- more info on the Futaba DIN connector (chap.3)
- example of invertor used with FMS-flight simulator (fig 7f-fms, chap.7)

December 9th, 2002 :
- editing introduction : types of master transmitters (chap.1)
- editing para.1.3 PPM-PCM : exceptions on the rules (chap.1)
- more info on the Futaba DIN connector (chap.3)
- more info on the square Futaba-connector of the FF9/9C (chap.3)
- problems between Futaba and Hitec (chap.3)
- more info on the Sanwa connector (chap.3)
- Futaba DIN DSC-lead, examples Sanwa as master or slave (chap.7)

October 12th, 2002 :
- how to connect and to use the oscilloscope (chap.1)
- adding comments in para.1.3 PPM-PCM (chap.1)
- full renewal of the paragraph about the F16-FC16-FC18 (chap.4)
- new info of Graupner buddy box modules (chap.5)
- new info of the Graupner FM4014 (chap.5)
- new drawing for the MC10 and MC12 (chap.5)
- new drawing for the MC14 and MC15 (chap.5)
- adding new tests to the overview table (chap.6)
- new chapter 7 : examples (works in progress)

August 27th, 2002 :
- adding new webaddres of French downloadable scope (chap.1)
- example of PPM measurement with downloadable scope (chap.1)
- example of the use of the PPM-signal inverter with the MC12 & MC16 (chap.5)

August 23th, 2002 :
- renumbering of all drawings
- PPM-signal and compatibility, download of free oscilloscope (chap.1)
- neutral impulse for servos (chap. 1)
- wireless buddy box (chap.1)
- inverter for PPM-signal (chap.2)
- new info Futaba FF9/9C (chap.3)
- mentioning of positif or negatif modulated PPM-signal for described transmitters (chap.1 and 5)
- new info Graupner FM314 (chap.5)
- compatibility table for buddy box of different brands and types (chap.6)

May 15th, 2002 :
- important corrections and new info for the Futaba F14 (chap.4)
- new info on Futaba Attack 4 (chap.4)
- new info for the Futaba FF9, Hitec and Multiplex Evo (chap.3)
- new info on assignment of channels for Sanwa/Airtronic radios (chap.1)