Map of the island Leyte.

The Island of Leyte is divided into 2 provinces, and belong to the Eastern Visaya Region.

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Leyte is in the eastern part of Visayas and lies between Bohol, Cebu, North-east Mindanao and Samar, and the total area is 5713 sq km. The San Juanico Bridge (over 2 km. long), joins the island of Leyte and Samar across the San Juanico Strait is one of the most beautiful bridges in Southeast Asia. The central and southern Leyte are mountainous, with plains in the northern and western parts of the island. The highets peak of Leyte is Mt. Lobi with his 1349 meter. The population in Leyte is today about 1,480120 citizens.

Adminstratively, Leyte its divided into 2: The province of Leyte, is the place where the capital is Tacloban. In Southern Leyte is Maasin the capital.

Export: Copra is Leyte's most important export. More than 30% of cultivate land is planted with coconut palms. Other important exports are rice, maize and sugar caine. These are mostly shipped from Tacloban, making it  unnecessary to send exports via Manila.

"I shall return". Leyte is particulary remembered as the place where General MacArthur fulfilled his "i shall return" pledge. On October 20th 1944, US troops landed at Red Beach in Palo a little south of Tacloban, and started pushing the Japanese out of the Philippines.

Imelda Marcos. A little further south, Tolosa is a town also sure of a future place in the history, as the birthplace of the former First Lady, Imelda Marcos.

The explorer Ferdinand Magellan: Another place of historical significance here is little island of Limasawa in the deep south of Leyte. The famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan landed there after a long voyage of discovery and celebrated his first holy mass on Philippines soil on Easter Sunday, 1521.

The language: The main dialect in and arround Tacloban is Waray-Waray, whereas in the north-west and the south it is Cebuano. There is no problem with English, almost everybody understand it.

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